Atwater Brewing

Atwater Brewery Grand Rapids
Detroit’s Atwater Brewing has come to Grand Rapids! Opening a new location at 201 Michigan Street NW inside the renovated Rowe building. Atwaters German-inspired lager-style beer will bring variety to Grand Rapids IPA heavy beer scene and connect the two largest cities in Michigan. With 40 taps and an independent brewing system this brewery location will allow Atwater to create new and unique beers to test before possibly mass producing them at the larger original brewery in Detroit.
Atwater Grand Rapids has indoor seating for 186 and outdoor seating for 60, they will also have a menu offering pizzas, sandwiches, salads, appetizers and entrees. Beside beer Atwater has their own liquor and wine to try.

201 Michigan Street NW, Grand Rapids, MI
Open at 11am
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