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Grand Rapids Brewing Co releases bottled Mound Maker in limited quantities

Join GRBC this Saturday, June 29th at noon for their second bottle release!
The Mound Maker is named in honor of the Hopewell people, the first to call the Grand Valley home 2000 years ago.
The brewers made 3 versions of a Belgian Strong with an ibu of 27 and an ABV of 8.5%. They’ve been aged for 3 months in 3 different barrels:
Angostura Bitters
Cherry Bitters
Bottles are V-E-R-Y limited (only 50 of each!) and will sell out rapidly at $15, with a limit of 3 per customer.
They will be serving all 3 on tap all day long!
mound maker beer bottles

New brew at Harmony Brewing Co

Harmony Brewing has a new small batch beer out today!
They collaborated with The Starving Artist to come up with a special beer, and here is what came out of it. They took “Happy Farm” Honey Farmhouse and aged it in a cask with calamansi and red chilies. The result is an extraordinary brew. It combines the sweet tartness of the calamansi with the funk of a farmhouse ale, then it finishes with a spicy tingle. They will be meeting about once a month with Torrence to bring you a delicious and interesting beer.
new beer