Harmony Brewing Company

Harmony Brewing Company

Harmony Brewing Company is a friendly neighborhood brew pub in Eastown USA. Harmony sits in an ideal spot but when we first laid eyes on the place it was an old party store that had sat abandoned for over ten years. Through much labor and love and a lot more labor we reclaimed this little place and now it is a cozy space filled with natural light and the smells of wood smoke and malt.

We brew small batches of well-balanced beer. Brewing this way allows us to react seasonally and respond to the tastes of our Beer Loving community.

We apply that same sense of craft to our rustic wood fired pizzas. Our dough is made from scratch every day, then artfully topped with fresh, creative ingredients and fired in a 700-degree, wood burning oven. The result is pizza perfection.

They don’t plan to ever distribute their beers so if you want to drink Harmony Beers you have to visit Harmony Brewery!

1551 Lake Drive SE,
Grand Rapids, MI
(616) 233-0063
Open 12-12, 7 Days a Week
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