Elk Brewing Comstock Park Grand Opening tomorrow

Elk Brewing: Comstock Park location officially opens for business Sept 15th, 2016. Right across from the Fifth Third Ballpark this new brewery location from Elk Brewing fills a geographically dry area and expands Elk’s brewing capacity from its original Wealthy st brewery. Thursday you can get your Elk beers from 11am-11pm and fill up on amazing food from 11am-9pm!

New Holland Knickerbocker Brewery Grand Opening soon

The Knickerbocker brewery location in Grand Rapids from New Holland Brewing is set to open to the public on September 15th, 2016! This brewpub is in a completely new building, built to New Hollands specifications so it should be amazing. I’ve heard the kitchen has its own butchery area and you can see some of the brewing and distilling from the restaurant areas. I’m excited about the beer garden during this fall weather and for Art Prize visitors to try.

Creston Brewery visit

I visited Creston Brewery a day after their grand opening and sampled all 11 beers on tap! They have a range of beers from fruity to hoppy to coffee flavored. All were easy drinking and low alcohol content. While there is lots of indoor seating the place was packed and it’s seat yourself so we made friends with someone that already had a table with empty spots. I suspect it won’t be so busy during the week.
After trying all those beers we needed a snack and tried their beef empanadas, as you can see from the picture they aren’t very fancy and the dip didn’t have much flavor but they were ok tasting.
The beers are reasonably priced ranging from $4 to $6 for a pint and samples were $1.50. You should be aware that when we visited they would sell you a growler but were unable to fill it for you, unsure of when they will actually offer growler fills!
Overall a nice neighborhood brewery in an under served area in Grand Rapids.

Muskegon Breweries Tour

We visited Muskegon, MI recently on a sunny summer afternoon to hit up the beach and try their local breweries (Unruly and Pigeon Hill). The beach was free, clean and not too busy for a Friday afternoon though the wind blowing off Lake Michigan was chilly.
After a few hours in the sun nothing sounds better than locally brewed beer so we hopped in the car and drove downtown to find Pigeon Hill Brewing. It was easy to find and the outdoor seating had a few patrons enjoying the sun. Inside Pigeon Hill there was plenty of table seating and some open seats at the bar which we promptly utilized. They had a nice selection of beers so we bought a sample flight that cost about $13. The Walter Gets Buzzed was a great coffee tasting beer that we got a howler filled with so you know it was good!

Next we walked a few blocks to find Unruly Brewing and try their beers. They too had an outdoor seating area and upon entering the building I was impressed by the size and open format. Inside the same space there is a coffee place and a pizza joint so you have all your vices covered under one roof! Unruly had some interesting beer names but I had a hard time finding descriptions of the beers beyond what was written on the chalk board. Nevertheless I ordered a flight and found that their beers are tasty too. At only $8 for 4 samples it’s a good deal and should help you find your favorite Unruly brew!

Muskegon might only have two breweries but they are good ones and if you want a nice day of sun, waves and beer a trip to the west coast and Muskegon should satisfy.

GreyLine Brewing Co opens April 26th

Greyline Brewing opened today April 26th at Noon with first come, first serve seating and a limited menu! As the first brewery on Alpine Ave I expect it will be busy especially with the experienced brewers behind this project.
GreyLine Brewery outside

Updated April 28th:
I visited Greyline on a Thursday in the afternoon and was able to get a spot at the bar. I had high expectations because the owners are experienced brewers and the beers I sampled all exceeded my expectations! They already have a nice variety of beer styles and I expect they will continue to produce high quality brews as they ramp up production.

Mitten Brewing outdoor deck opens today!

Spring has arrived at Mitten Brewing as today they open their outdoor patio! Finally sit outside and enjoy the Michigan sun. Dogs are welcome too!! Also they are tapping a  Sour Sahti today.

mitten brewing outdoor patio

Gray Skies Distillery tasting room

We visited Gray Skies Distillery tasting room on April 9th, 2016 after a few previous attempts failed due to their limited open hours. The distillery wasn’t very crowded probably due to their quiet opening and a location that is still ‘up and coming’ on Grand Rapids north side. After spending a few minutes debating the various cocktails they offer our group ordered at the bar and took up some seats at the round table which the bartender confided wasn’t a popular seating area but I found it fun and different.

Out of their three spirits currently offered at Gray Skies Distillery the Gin was the most palatable to drink straight, followed by the rum and finally the vodka which reminded me of rubbing alcohol. However all their house cocktails tasted quite good and because of that variety I will be sure to visit a few more times to sample their locally made liquors.

Brewsader Deals and Discounts Feb 17-28th

If you happen to be a brewsader or are working on filling your passport you should be aware of the deals and discounts available to you during the GR Cool Brew, Hot Eats week.
Experience GR has the full listing but most include a $1 off your first pint if you are a brewsader, or if you happen to be ‘ultimate brewsader’ you get even sweeter beer deals in GR during this week!