Beer City Brewsader Passport

It’s official, I’m a Beer City Brewsader! Just picked up my free tshirt at the GOsiteGR after hitting 11 of the 23 breweries listed in the passport.
Beer City Brewsader Tshirt Grand Rapids
If you don’t know what a “Brewsader” is or why I would need a passport to drink beer don’t worry I’ll explain.
Brewsader Passport
Experience GR has created a small booklet called a ‘passport’ that lists 23 of Grand Rapids breweries and as you visit each one they will stamp your book. If you visit 8 or more you can redeem the passport for a free tshirt that brands you a “Brewsader” or a person that enjoys drinking at breweries. Free, fun, simple, basically it’s a self guided brewery tour and the passport is full of information as well as space to write your favorite beers and breweries. I was also told that they are considering an even better prize for people that visit all 23 breweries but as of yet they are working out the details.

You can get your own Brewsader Passport at any of the participating breweries or the GOsiteGR inside the Grand Rapids Art Museum. To redeem it you can just mail it in or personally visit the GOsiteGR as I did, they are friendly!

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  1. Hello, I just finished the beer city brewsader challenge. I came from Madison Wisconsin. After completing the 8th check-in, the app said I had already completed the survey to fill out the form for the t-shirt . I have not completed the form and was wondering if I could get my t-shirt.

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