Beer on Tap this week

B.O.B.’s Brewery
•Hopsun, Belgian summer whit
•AHA Bread Beer, Belgian saison
•Full On IPA, India pale ale
•Spaceboy Stout, English oatmeal stout
•Crimson King, amber ale
•Blondie, golden ale
•Spooky Action, way beyond IPA
•Robert the Barrel, bourbon barrel ale

Brewery Vivant
•Farm Hand, French Farmhouse Ale
•Triomphe, Belgian IPA
•Big Red Coq, Red Belgo-American IPA
•Undertaker, Belgian style dark ale
•Contemplation, Belgian inspired golden ale
•Wit, Belgian wit
•Plowhorse, Belgian style imperial stout
•Tripel, Belgian style ale
•Sgt Peppercorn, Rye ale
•The Cheetah, defies beer styles
•Whiskey Rooster, Wood aged selection
•Zaison, Imperial Saison
•Vander Mill Totally Roasted, Cider with spiced, roasted almonds
•Vander Mill Blue Gold, Cider with blueberries

Elk Brewing
•Scotch Ale
•Black IPA

Founders Brewing Company
•Pale Ale
•Centennial IPA
•Dirty Bastard
•Red’s Rye IPA- draft
•All Day IPA
•Pale Ale- nitro
•Oatmeal Stout- nitro
•Headless Harvest IPA
•Double Trouble
•Curmudgeon Old Ale
•ChDevil Dancer
•Barrel-Aged Spite Blend

Grand Rapids Brewing Company
•Silver Foam
•Rosalynn Bliss Blonde
•John Ball Brown
•Ominous Rapids
•The Fishladder IPA
•Senator Lyons Stout
•Roasted Rapids
•Violet Macmillan’s Pale Wheat
•Brewers Heritage Hefeweizen
•Downtown Dank

Gravel Bottom Craft Brewery and Supply
•Bottoms Up, amber ale
•Chain Saw Charlie’s Wacky Wit, belgian wheat beer
•Highland Fantasy, scottish ale
•English Brown Porter
•Crusher Coco Brown, the brown ale that imploded our fermenter

Harmony Brewing Company
•Ali-ien Abduction, black IPA
•Black Squirrel, smokey porter
•Grand Jollification, berliner weisse available in plain, juniper, cherry, strawberry or black rose tea flavors
•Beach Wedding, saison
•Brownson, American brown ale
•Star Stuff, belgian dubbel

The Hideout Brewing Company
•18th Amendment Gluten Free Ale
•Black Hearted Bitter Ex IPA
•Black Rye
•Blueberry Stout – nitro
•Blueberry Wit
•Cherry Wit
•Citrus Pilsner
•Hoppy Lager
•Jail House Black IPA
•Lemon Shandy
•Light Amber Ale
•Light Coconut Brown Ale
•Rye Pale Ale

Jaden James Brewery
•Gluten Free Ale
•Cream Ale
•Winter Ale
•Apple Raz Wheat
•American Brown
•Hazelnut Porter
•Black IPA
•Cherry Hard Cider
•Apple Hard Cider
•Raspberry Hard Cider
•Peach Hard Cider
•Root beer soda

Mitten Brewing Company
•Mitten Scottish ale
•Kissing bandit blonde
•Maple toasted pecan brown
•Triple crown brown

Osgood Brewing Company
•Yippee-ki-yay, blonde ale
•Sol seeker, American wheat
•Slam dunke, dunkleweizen
•Wingman, wheat IPA
•Hammer, gluten free IPA
•Journey, IPA
•Best day ever, DIPA
•Brownie bite, Belgian brown IPA
•Bee line, American brown ale
•Oakestown, amber ale
•Notley, porter
•Big spring, stout
•Blackbird, barrel aged stout
•Under the bridge, strawberry blonde
•Riverbend, rye IPA
•358, pale ale

Perrin Brewing Company
•Perrin Gold
•Perrin Pilsner
•Call the Banners
•Single Track
•Perrin Black
•Nitro Dry Stout
•Veteran’s Pale Ale (VPA)
•Grapefruit IPA
•Rain Dancer
•Kingdom of Tonga Vanilla Porter
•Razzberry Blonde
•Black Goat
•Rye Wine

Schmohz Brewery
•Valley City Cream Ale
•Treasure Chest ESB
•Amber Tease Ale
•Pail Ale
•India Pail Ale
•Hopknocker Imperial IPA
•Bone Crusher Stout
•Bloody Red Ale
•Pickle Tink Ale
•Razzmanian Devil
•Zingiberene Ale
•Miracle Off 28th Street
•Kiss my Scottish Arse
•Mad Tom’s Robust Porter
•Gypsy’s Kiss Back
•John T. Pilsner
•Barley Wine
•Sammi Rae Root Beer Soda
•Sammi Rae Black Cherry Soda

Source: The Rapidian

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