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Brewery tours in Grand Rapids and West Michigan

Great Lakes Pub Cruiser

Great Lakes Pub Cruiser
If you want some exercise while visiting breweries and bars in downtown Grand Rapids and have a group of like minded friends then the Great Lakes Pub Cruiser might be what you are looking for. This large contraption is powered by the riders pedaling just like a normal bike except you are moving a 15 person cruiser. Unfortunately you aren’t allowed to drink alcohol while on the pub cruiser but it has preset routes that can take you to many bars and some craft breweries or you can customize a route to hit whatever local businesses you might want. While pedaling can be a workout especially if you are going up some of the steep hills downtown it does give you a different perspective of the city and a nice break from drinking if you are doing a brewery tour. The pub cruiser driver doesn’t leave the cruiser while you go inside the bars and breweries to drink so it isn’t really a brewery tour in the traditional sense but if you plan ahead I’m sure the breweries will provide someone to give you a tour inside as well. Also realize you have to pedal to make the cruiser move and will be on the streets with car traffic so becoming too inebriated could prove problematic making this more of a leisurely pub cruise rather then a drunken college pub crawl idea.

West Michigan Beer Tours

West Michigan Beer Tours
Based in Kalamazoo, MI West Michigan Beer Tours does public and private brewery tours all over Western Michigan. This is a new company but they have a few tours under their belt already and seem to do a public tour every few months at least hitting new breweries in large groups with knowledgeable guides. They seem to stick with visiting a smaller number of breweries but promise to provide time at each one to sample the beers and get a feel for the breweries.
According to their website:
West Michigan Beer Tours offer a variety of public tours. A typical public bus tour will last approximately 5 hours and transportation will be 29 person mini-coach buses. Most tours will include:

3 Brewery Stops
Tour director knowledgeable in both the beer industry and our local area
Introduction to brewery owners and/or brewers
Tours of their facility
Sample at each brewery

West Michigan Beer Tours is dedicated to providing beer lovers with fun, flavorful and relaxing tours. We encourage every passenger to drink responsibly and have a designated driver. After each tour we will also provide access to a local taxi service. While we encourage everyone to purchase beer at the breweries to take with you, we do not allow any consumption on the buses.