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GR Beer Tours

GR Beer Tours.com is open for business with tickets for sale and tours starting in June, 2014! Now you can book a prepackaged tour or get a group of friends and devise your own private outing to all the best breweries in Grand Rapids, MI (Beer City, USA) without worrying about the driving.
The tours involve a ride in a 15 passenger van with stops at 3 or 4 craft breweries, beer samples at each stop, a tour of one of the breweries and an energetic guide that will teach you about beer and the local brewing history in Grand Rapids.
There are a variety of public tours you can join covering various areas of Grand Rapids city and the outlying regions too. Each tour should run between 3-5 hours and provide time for lunch (not provided in price).
For complete details and to book your tour visit their website GRBeerTours.com
Or you can also call their reservation department at 616-901-9719 and you can email requests to grbeertours@gmail.com
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GR Beer Tours Van