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Creston Brewery visit

I visited Creston Brewery a day after their grand opening and sampled all 11 beers on tap! They have a range of beers from fruity to hoppy to coffee flavored. All were easy drinking and low alcohol content. While there is lots of indoor seating the place was packed and it’s seat yourself so we made friends with someone that already had a table with empty spots. I suspect it won’t be so busy during the week.
After trying all those beers we needed a snack and tried their beef empanadas, as you can see from the picture they aren’t very fancy and the dip didn’t have much flavor but they were ok tasting.
The beers are reasonably priced ranging from $4 to $6 for a pint and samples were $1.50. You should be aware that when we visited they would sell you a growler but were unable to fill it for you, unsure of when they will actually offer growler fills!
Overall a nice neighborhood brewery in an under served area in Grand Rapids.