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GreyLine Brewing Co opens April 26th

Greyline Brewing opened today April 26th at Noon with first come, first serve seating and a limited menu! As the first brewery on Alpine Ave I expect it will be busy especially with the experienced brewers behind this project.
GreyLine Brewery outside

Updated April 28th:
I visited Greyline on a Thursday in the afternoon and was able to get a spot at the bar. I had high expectations because the owners are experienced brewers and the beers I sampled all exceeded my expectations! They already have a nice variety of beer styles and I expect they will continue to produce high quality brews as they ramp up production.

OsGood Brewery

Osgood Brewing is open and now has a new menu and here is there current tap list too!
Osgood Brewing tap list

With todays Special:
Braised pork tacos: green olive chimi churri, grilled asparagus, carmalized & pickled red onion, roasted peppers, cumin and chipolte butternut squash puree, and manchego cheese in a fried corn tortilla. 3 tacos $7.00 or $2.50 each