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Beer City Runner

Beer City Runner is set to launch on Sept 5, 2014 offering a shuttle type service visiting many of the breweries in Grand Rapids. Initially running on Friday (5pm-Midnight) and Saturday (Noon-Midnight), Beer City Runner offers a different way to get between six of the downtown breweries from the traditional brew tour. The Beer City Runner will start at Founders and make stops at Mitten Brewing, Elk Brewing, Harmony Brewing, Brewery Vivant and Hop Cat.

The shuttle will stay on a fixed schedule visiting each brewery about once an hour and a ticket will cost just $20 per person.
The idea is to provide more flexibility than traditional brew tours, with the Beer City Runner you can change breweries or stay longer depending on your preferences.

Beer City Runner is starting with one bus named “Hoptimus Prime” with a max capacity of 14 riders however more then 14 tickets can be sold because people will be hopping on and off as they desire. The TOS prohibit drinking on the bus and require riders to be over 21 as well as giving the driver discretion to reject disorderly riders.

Yet another way to safely visit all the great breweries in Grand Rapids and avoid the hassles of driving and parking!