Trail Point Brewery

I visited Trail Point Brewing on a Monday evening about a month after their grand opening. Entering the tap room I immediately felt comfortable, there is lots of wood and simple decorations. Luckily it wasn’t busy but there is plenty of seating so it shouldn’t be a problem getting a table even on a regular night. I was a bit surprised there weren’t more college kids from GVSU because it is just down the road from the main campus but maybe they were all studying. The bar tender was quick to provide a beer list and free pretzels. They have a range of beer styles from ales to IPA’s to stouts and after trying a sampler flight I can report that all the beers had good flavor. Going to use the mens bathroom you pass by glass wall that allows you to see into the brewing area and as you can see in the picture they were hard at work fermenting new beers for my next visit.
This seems like a well thought out brewery in a new area and while it’s a bit of a drive from downtown Grand Rapids I think it is worth the trip. They don’t offer food but you can bring your own so I’d suggest picking up a pizza or ordering one delivered if you plan to sit and try all their beers.

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